Yoga for Women

Starting from adulthood to motherhood, menopause and old age, women undergoes many changes in life. These changes in the body can cause major mood swings, creates disharmony and imbalance in their life. A daily Yoga Routine which is suited to the changing needs of women in each phase of life can help her achieve peace of mind and body stability. The main are Yogasana, Pranayam, and Meditation techniques which can help a woman in various stages of her life.

During the years of Conception and Motherhood, utmost care should be given to the physical and mental health of a woman. Regular practice of yoga can help build an internal support system. Yoga asanas for women helps to regulate reproductive health, improves chances of conception and helps a woman’s body cope with the demands of pregnancy and labor. Pre-Natal yoga helps to strengthen the uterine muscles and support the spine, enabling the back to support the additional pressure, and helps the body to cope up with various complications of pregnancy.

Regular practice of certain specific asanas (postures) during child conception provides the body with necessary strength for the timely contractions of the muscles to ease labor, ensure speedy recovery and restore energy levels. Post-Natal practice of pranayama (yogic breathing), and practice of gentle and easy asana helps to restore firmness in the muscle fibers.

Middle-age for women comes with its own set of complications. The benefits of yoga during this time are very important. Regular practice will help to maintain physical, mental, and emotional health. Specifically, practicing Yoga, Pranayam and Meditation, during the menopausal stage helps to regulate and maintain the hormonal imbalance, keep weight under control, avoid medical complications like thyroid, and maintain a healthy digestive system. After 50s have its own unique challenges. With age, the practice of complex asanas should reduce. Asanas aimed at improving blood circulation and healthy nervous system will helps the body to extend and relax. The aim of yoga should be to maintain both physical and mental health, so to bringing balance and harmony to the life. With continuous practice of yoga, women learn to adjust to the physical limitations brought about by increasing age.

At Medical Yoga™ Centre, we strive to serve our best in all the above mentioned ways and more. We offer sessions on yoga for back pain, yoga for neck pain, yoga knee pain, yoga for thyroid etc. With this we also help people to be able to treat others through our courses like Yoga Teacher Training, Yoga Therapy Teacher Training and Yoga Anatomy and Physiology. For details, please click here.


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